D-force deltabot 3d printer atom rostock for kossel can be upgraded to two extruders once request


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A single extruder D-FORCE V2
If you need to upgrade to 2 extruders, please contact us for the details.
This is a DIY kit which has to be built by yourself. The print size is 260mmm base diameter and 300mm height. The machine size is 40x47x86cm. All electronics, motors, belts, software (English), heated bed, Lcd panel, wiring, optical end stop are included. The hot end assembled is E3D. Extruder is bowden tube. 
Instructions of the machine can be found in the SD card inside the package.
D-FORCE V2 Weight of the printer: 18KG Size of the printer: 40x47x86CM Positioning precison: XYZ 30 um Print size: diameter base 260MM,height: 300MM Speed: printing: 20-120MM/S, travel: 200MM/S Hot bed: PI heating layer + Aluminum board + SSR control 24V 10A Usual layer used: 0.1-0.3MM Power: 300W work temperature: 10-40 degrees Nozzle temperature: 0-280 degrees Filament type: 1.75mm PLA ABS etc. Nozzle: Can choose 0.2, 0.25, 0.35, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 0.8, 1.0, 1.2MM OS: Win XP 7/8 Mac Offline print: Support Software interface: Repetier-host Printrun Cutting slice software: Cura slicer3R KISslicer Simplify3D Highlights: Large print size, high printing speed, high stablility, high quality, able to run for a long time. capable of Updating to 2 extruders once request (extra payment) 

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There are two extruders in this printer . It is one extruder to print the substance and another extruder is used for the support. The support can then be dissolved via specific solvent. 
PVA is a material which can be dissolved by water. In some cases (look at the photo below), it is quite impossible to get past a long tube though the hole. However, the hanging body is to reduce the feeding tube which can be compatiable with soft material such as PVA.
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