2016 High Accuracy Factory Price Createbot Touchscreen MID 3D Printer with Single Extruder and Heatbed Print Size 205*205*250mm


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2016 High Accuracy Factory Price Createbot Touchscreen MID 3D Printer with Single Extruder and Heatbed Print Size 205*205*250mm

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Advantage of MID

1. Big printing size: 205*205*250mm.

2. Firm and stable mental design.   Fineness appearance, looks like audio and microwave.

3. Enclosed design, minimized the bending of big model, keep safe printing environment.

4. Multi-device connection: SD card,Mobile phone, PC etc. Also available for stand-alone printing.

5. Novel platform, more plane for printing and easy to take out.

6. The printing precision is 0.1mm-0.2mm, which assured the printing appearance is fine and smooth, assure the model is high quality & high accuracy.

7. Quick layering: create the G-code in very short time, the printing efficiency is highly improved.

8. With Touch Operating system, use finger to Touch screen to operate, better printing experience.  Detail of MID Touchscreen

MINI 1xuanchunaNew Detail of MID

Please note: This kind of machine do not have WIFI connection, if you want, you need to add extra USD120.Certification5 Certification


Wire tray, Card reader, SD card, power line , scraper knife, tweezers, filament, kep, hinge, screw, spanner

Accessory 12



ModelModels 1


1. Seven production lines: 3 finished product assembly lines, 1 printer parts production line, 1 test line, 2 filament production lines. Printer daily output 35pcs, annual output 11000 pcs. Filament daily output 350kg, annual output 60000kg. Createbot can strongly OEM&ODM.

2. R&D department has 10 engineers. Createbot keeps on updating the most advanced technique. Createbot develop own hardware, software and launch new design every 3 month.

3. Createbot cooperate with professional Research Technology institute at home and abroad like developers in Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Numberg(FAU). Createbot has CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9001 Certificate, National Patents, and China 3D Printer Special Contribution Award etc.

4. Createbot has experience in Exporting and establishing distribution channel. So far, we have already distributionin Asia, Russia, America, South America and Europe.


We use our own Createbot Softeware:



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