Human Tissue Successfully Grown Using 3D Printing

Replacing Knee Shock Absorber

Researchers in Columbia University have grown new tissue for knee joints, the meniscal tissues which form a shock absorber for the knee. The torn meniscus is a common injury which is painful ,will cause swelling  and irritation and if not repaired  can cause arthritis. The tissue is  monocellular and the new technique of creating a scaffold with biocompatible material using a 3D printer and then growing new tissue on it, has now been proved.

3D Printer Used to make Scaffold

Doctor Jeremy Mao and his team came up with the accurate method of printing the scaffold and then dispensing proteins to stimulate the re growth of the tissue. First an MRI scan of the undamaged knee is used to create a 3D image of the meniscus. This is used to 3D print the scaffold on an Envision TEC  bioplotter, capable of many heat settings and different materials on a very small scale. The scaffold material is a Polycaprolactone ( bio degradable polymer )

Another fine example of 3D printing benefits

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