3D printing models Which is the best

A daunting task, to decide which to buy, in this early development market. When it comes to handing over your hard won dollars, make sure you’ve covered these points . On reading the feedback from buyers of 3D printers below the 1000$ mark, you will be faced with a huge number of comments referencing poor results, poor quality components and bad results.

In part this may be true, but you have to weigh up the market at the early stage that we are at now. Maybe in 12 months all the rubbish will be weeded out. You really have to wade thru a lot of printer reviews showing flaws like being shipped with bent build plates, constantly clogging extruders and hastily written software before you maybe find something worth while.

There does seem to be an acceptance from some buyers who are more experienced and prepared to do a bit of work on their sub 1000$ printers before getting acceptable results. There is something to be said for the mechanical experience gained on some of these machines

(A) Do you want a ‘tinkerers machine’ with the max possibilities, different nozzle size, single/duo/ or more nozzles, manual plate leveling, that can use any print material OR Print straight out of the box, plug n play , little to set up, maybe limited print materials?

(B) What is the maximum work piece size you will want? Many budget machines are quite limited, although you can print a piece in several parts, if its going to be a regular requirement for bigger prints it would pay to go for a bigger machine

(C) Is there any particular material you would like to use? Almost every printer will have PLA and ABS capabilities but there are many others now available, wood for example, but it does need a larger nozzle size than most of the available 3D printers. Look at ‘tinkerers ‘ machines for these more specialist requirements.

(D) If you intend to use some specialist materials, make sure the temperature for your material can be set up, this is a major contributor to clogging, when the material isn’t hot enough to run through the extruder

(E) Check out our reviews for value and flaws found by current buyers

Part of the reason our reviews are broken into two sections at 1000$ is that the bad results experienced by many users, start to tail off at around that price. There are some machines not much above 1000$ which are a whole level of quality above giving good results, good user experiences and so good value.

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