XYZprinting Da Vinci Duo 3D Printer

DaVinci 2_450

XYZ had a great start with this model , winning the 2014 CES Editors’ Choice Award for Most Affordable 3D Printer .  For a fully enclosed model with a heated build bed this is a tremendous price, the extruder too is first class.

  • Max build Volume 5.9H x 7.8W x 7.8D inch (15x20x20cm)
  • -358cu inch
  • Dual 0.4mm nozzle extruders
  • Prints with ABS 1.75mm filament only
  • Software provided XYZ ware –
  • – STL and xyz files
  • Mac or PC
  • USB connectivity only
  • Display 2.6 inch


Some good and bad points

There are some nice touches on this , for example a “wiper” on the extruder path cleans up any overspill on its way to the bed for printing.  I noticed one or two comments about the cartridge sensors – you have to make certain they close fully. Some feedback indicated that the Repetier software, which is more configurable, would be a good substitute. Our test model seemed to be lacking in rigidity, which is a bad starting point if you want accuracy in the xy plane.  The temperature on the bed needs to be even , over the entire surface, there was a comment about it being a lot hotter in the middle, which would not help the build and may cause warping.


Who Are XYZ?

They are part of the New Kinpo Group, Kinpo was established in 1973 in Taiwan and now has 23 subsidiaries many of which are public listed corps. They mainly operate in the consumer electronics, comms, peripherals, power management and car electronics fields and now have over 8500 R&D staff out  of 20000 employees. The total group budget exceeded US$30 billion last year, so XYZ is well backed indeed!

Jacob Dykstras take on the Da Vinci model: Upgrading the firmware, some negative points about the filament cartridge monitor sensors stopping the print and being unable to continue.  Also a  tip on cleaning the plate – using a 55 degree setting on the build plate, makes cleaning it up a lot easier.

What buyers of the XYZ said…

Overall I’m very satisfied for the cost, especially with this being a dual extruder

It was truly plug & play – setup by 3 of our 8th grade students. We printed a couple demos & then students began designing things on 

the whole thing is just full of little perks and details that make it a very nice machine… the end this is worth every penny.

I am amazed how much you are getting for this price having looked in person at $1300 and $2900 machines from other manufacturers

i’ve had no issues. very glad I bought this and would recommend it.

DaVinci 2_150


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