3D Printer Reviews Under 1000$


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mad_prof      We Take it Apart , Use it, Clean it, Measure it, Test it and rate      it……….. so you don’t have to
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DaVinci 2_150 GoldCup    XYZ DaVinci    Our Gold Cup Winner  OneBest features , Most consistent performance
Mini_150  SilverCupUP! Mini 3D Printer Our Silver Cup WinneriTwo
Well constructed fairly reliable and customer service good . shares major parts with other UP models

Weistek IdeaWerk_150 Weistek IdeaWerk  iThreeCould be a good value printer, almost identical to the UP! Plus2 model but cheaper. Chinese customer service difficult
Printrbot_150   Printrbot Simple Metal: iFiveWith care this can be a very good value starter unit , from the factory they can be a bit rough!  Good extruder. Print bed not so good.



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