UP! Plus 2 Fully Assembled 3D Printer Review

The UP! company continues to produce good quality new models at a reasonable price. See our side bar for all the available models


  • Uses standard STL files
  • Printer management s/w for Mac or PC
  • ABS or PLA filament materials
  • Open Frame Metal chassis
  • Heat and Wind shield
  • Built in device for leveling build platform & nozzle height
  • Max Object dimensions 5.3 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches 135 x 140 x 140mm
  • Total volume 160 cu inches
  • Vertical resolution 150 to 400 micron (0.15 to 0.40 mm)
  • Build platform heater for thermal stability
  • precision slide bearings and belt drive stepper motors
  • USB controlled from PC or Mac
  • Tool Kit pen knives (2); tweezers; hex wrench; hand shovel; pliers; gloves; nozzle wrench; clips (4)

Up! Plus2 Unboxing to Printing

DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL downloadIcon_55 UpPlus2_manual

With a build speed of 10 – 100 cc / h this fits in the centre ground of 3D printers available today, solidly built. The software (UpSoftware) won’t be for everyones taste, being closed source. It has nice features like auto centering your work, auto leveling which uses magnetic sensors to do the job, and does it well, but with open source software new features can be added, for the tinkerers.  BTW If you purchase the UP2 and can’t work out  how the sensor works, you use the  cable normally attached to the heated workbed, to operate the sensor, which you attach to the extruder unit, while you level the plate ! When printing overhangs the slicer generates  supports automatically to stop an drooping of materials.

 What the buyers of UP Plus2  Said…

This is the single best purchase I have ever made, seriously. I’ve been using it for almost a year now, and I’ve lost count of how many rolls of filament I’ve burned through

Software that is extremely intuitive and helps you get the most out of your prints

I last calibrated my print bed (manual-calibrating model) a few months ago and have printed hundreds of hours since. I might experience one clog a month on the extruder, which is typically my own fault. But aside from that my UP (after modifying it) works phenomenally.

In less than 30 minutes, it was out of the box and ready to print. Just 45 minutes after that, I printed the recommended test bunny without any problems. I downloaded print files (STL files) off the Internet and again printed a number of objects quite easily.






Octave Borosilicate Glass Build Plate for UP Plus2


For the best UP Plus2 experience substitute this glass build plate

  • Most Even distribution of heat
  • Least warping of objects
  • Made especially for the UP Plus 2 model


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