MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer – 5th Generation

The latest from Makerbot , now in its 5th generation, the Replicator Desktop 3D Printer is supposed to be an exceptional machine for the money.


  • 100 micro top resolution
  • Smart extruder allows filament change during a print
  • On board camera is useful for work in progress checking
  • Print status can be checked on any device, phone ,tablet etc
  • 3.5 inch display
  • Assisted leveling procedure
  • 456 cu inch max capacity build volume


Impressive features indeed !

Makerbot Display

The 3.5 inch Display and Control unit is well thought out and professional


The Functions of the Makerbot can be controlled remotely via the cloud using a simple app on a phone or tablet


A message  from Makerbot Industries CEO Bre Pettis

You can download the User Manual here    MB_Replicator_UserManual

The problems begin here with the new ‘smart’ extruder:

Makerbot Extruder

It was immediately apparent from reading the reviews and from researching problems on the net ,  that this is a flawed machine . Far more worrying are the comments about customer service. Over half the  79 reviews were completely negative and most of the blame seems to be the extruder. The new extruder is a “smart” version which was designed to allow exchange of your feed material, without scrapping your print, but seems to jam up very frequently

When they have your money and the printer fails from day one, support is nowhere to be found

even when it was working at “100” percent, the prints were sloppy and low-quality

My conclusion based on my experience with three machines is that the design itself if this system is simply flawed and will not work reliably

At least two of the reviewers reported being asked to pay for support tickets

With the large amount of negative feedback, I am not rating this product. However once the issues with the “smart extruder” are updated, this looks like it has a great future.



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