Leapfrog Creatr Dual-Extruder Fully Assembled 3D Printer

LeapFrog make a single and a dual extruder 3D printer. Our review covers the dual model.  There is no display on the printer, so status information is read from your connected computer.  The print volume capability of this machine is huge. The construction of the frame therefore is critical for rigidity and is made of steel and aluminium. In practice it performed well when doing the fastest maneuver it didn’t seem to shake the frame of the machine at  all.


  • Fabricates parts up to 7.8 X 10.6 X 9.0 (H x W x D)   inches                                           Volume 744 cu inches
  • or 200 x 270 x 230 mm (H x W x D) in size
  •     12.4 liters in volume
  • Layer resolution of 0.05 mm
  • Fabricates parts using 1.75-mm ABS, laybrick, nylon, PLA, or PVA                    filament (sold separately)
  • Dual extruders can simultaneously print two colors or materials
  • Heated print bed


The leapfrog looks like a professional machine, sturdy and well designed. Its 6mm thick glass build bed is heated for warp free constructions and better adhesion of  your  part. The Leapfrog is not restricted in any way, the dual extruders can be used with different colors and different materials at the same time. The extruder will cope with all temperatures, low for PLA and higher for more recent  materials. The machine caters for 1.75mm filament materials, which is the most common. The Nozzles are removable and easy to replace with a single screw. Maximum print speed is 100mm/sec which is higher than most of the competition on our review pages.




Who Are Leapfrog?

They are a Dutch company, with a solid engineering background, AV Flexologic in 2012, was in need of rapid prototyping and unavailable spare parts,  so Leapfrog was formed. Leapfrog developed the Creatr series of versatile 3D printers to fill this need and still has constant feedback to improve and further develop their 3D units from AV Flexologic “in house” .  They have many educational programs, case studies and available online videos.

What the buyers of the Creatr said….

30 minutes after unboxing my machine I was happy to say that I was printing quality parts! Cudos Leapfrog, and Amazon for carrying it.

This heavy duty unit that’s easy to use comes with great software and the output is fine and detailed. Thanks for making this easy to produce my prototypes!

This is an excellent printer! It works straight out of the box, and with a little tuning will be printing intricate parts by the end of the day. I’ve been running it mostly with PLA, and there are a few jams now and then, but usually only on high feed-rate areas, so I slowed down the feed-rate and it works fine.



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