FlashForge 3d Printer Creator Pro

The new dual extruder Creator Pro model with  follows the Creator X which was a popular model.  It has some improvements over the original design which had a wooden structure



  • Max build dimensions 8.85X 5.70 X 5.90 inches
  • -(225 x 145 x 150 mm)
  • Max Build volume is approx 5 Litres
  • Layer precision adjustable 0.1 to 0.3 mm
  • Nozzle diameter is 0.4mm
  • Material handling ABS, PVA and PLA
  • XY precision 0.011mm
  • Z precision 0.0025mm
  • Software provided Replicator G

Great Improvements: Now a Top Value Machine

A really solid , metal frame , essential for good prints at high speed, a build platform made of 6.3mm  high grade aluminium is warp free during the print and will remain in adjustment  longer . The case is now complete with cover, which keeps the temperature more constant, important especially with ABS material prints. There is a more heavy duty Z axis guide rod which ensures rock steady and precise positioning.

Build Plate Levelling


The 2 butterfly nuts under the plate are first tightened, then following the prompts on the control screen, adjust ( counter clockwise )  the appropriate nuts to set up the nozzle/plate proximity with a piece of paper as your gauge, the paper should be able to move  freely but you should be able to feel slight friction if the nuts are loosened any more. The machine will send the extruder mech to various parts of the plate to test its level , each time you press to ‘continue’ the procedure.


The Dual Extruder Unit

Software provided is the Replicator G and Makerware, compatible with Windows and Mac. File types are the usual STL and Gcode

Customer Service

For the best customer service buy through Amazon, several users commended Tang and the FlashforgeAmazon team on a great service and being very helpful, they are obviously a very experienced crew, able to provide telephone and email of pictures to describe procedures like unclogging and servicing.  The warranty  is exactly the same thru Amazon as direct, so take advantage of this deservedly recognised team and their service.


You can download the User Manual Here……… downloadIcon_55 FlashForgePro Manual

What Flashforge Customers said…

The print quality is fantastic almost right out of the box. The printer comes with the bed leveled, but of course you should do that yourself. My very first print was amazing.

I received the printer, container was extra strong and the packing was first class.

I could not have been happier with the result. The setup was very fast.

I bought this for use in my classroom and cannot really complain. It does exactly what it is supposed to do.


A worthy successor to the X model, some good features, seems reliable in operation. Dual extruders Ideal for 2 colour modeling without stop/swap. Very good price against the competition.









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