3D Printer Reviews Over 1000$

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mad_prof We put these 3D printers to the test and examined all features, specification, speed, quality and price – Here are the results
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Ultimaker2_150 GoldCup    Ultimaker 2    Our Gold Cup Winner  OneBest features , Most consistent performance

 SilverCupFlashforge Creator Pro iTwo
Our Silver Cup Winner : Excellent manufacture and customer service

UPPlus2_150  UP! PLus 2 3D PrinteriThree
AfiniaH_150  Afinia H 480  iFive

Makerbot_150  Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer  iTenUnfortunately fatally flawed Extruder, but wait while an update is here, once these problems are sorted out this machine has a lot of good features. Generally very well manufactured


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